Tetra Candy Puzzle 2021 v2.0.1 APK for Android download

Welcome to Tetra Candy Puzzle 2021, most amazing tetra block puzzle game, A 2021 Block Puzzle Candy games new for free now. It’s new Tetra Block Classic Bricks Game!
Tetra Candy Puzzle 2021
Download Tetra Candy Puzzle, A 2021 Block Puzzle candy games new for free now. It’s new Tetra Candy Brick Blocks Game!
Tetra Candy Puzzle Game Experience Tetra Blocks Puzzle Games high-speed, action-packed take on one of the world’s most famous Block Puzzle & Conquer – Candy World Puzzle! It’s two-minute Tetra Candy Block Puzzle Brick Game with exciting fresh features, including a stunning look and feel. Play Around most addictive tetra blocks puzzle game. Blocks are designed as 3d look of candy block. Also you can enjoy this game offline.
Tetra Candy Puzzle – Block Puzzle Games Brick Free – Puzzledom Game is an addictive game that we are enjoying from our childhood with Tetra Candy Blitz Look. This Tetra Candy Block Puzzle Game has two modes Classic and Experiment Mode which makes Candy Block Moving from left to right and you have just 1.30 minutes to complete it.
Tetra Candy BLOCK PUZZLE Experiment Mode is added block puzzle : tetra candy puzzle block game to challenge more to yourself and make the HIGHEST SCORE.
Tetra Candy Puzzle : Brick Classic – Brick Block Puzzle Game is easy to learn but difficult to master as you never know which block is coming in tetra candy. so play your game and enjoy it.
Tetra Candy Puzzle Game is a fun and classic tetra Game, a game of Tetra Block Puzzle – Candy World.!
And our Block Puzzle Candy is not just that. It is more Simple and addictive Retro Block Puzzle Candy! Once you start, you will not stop playing. Just have a try, you will love Candy Blocks Puzzle game!
Amazing Brick Classic – Brick Game Arcade tetra block puzzle candy App !
HOW TO PLAY Tetra Candy Puzzle Block ARCADE Game – Retro Candy Brick Game?
1. Simply drag the tetra candy blocks in the blue area, to move them using your finger and score in Block Puzzle Candy.
2. Try to create full lines on the grid horizontal or vertical and to break the brick puzzle candy game.
3. No time limits in Classic mode of tetra candy Puzzle block, but in Experiment mode you have only 1.30 minutes to do.
4. Score is calculated based on the number of rows cleared. Clear more rows at once earn more scores.
5. Enjoy with your Tetra Candy Puzzle 2021.
WHY CHOOSE THIS Tetra Candy Puzzle Game : Block Puzzle Candy ARCADE?
★ Exquisite Arcade App Retro Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game Interface!
★ Easy to play, and Block Puzzle Candy classic brick game for all ages!
★ It is all FREE Block Candy puzzle – Classic Plus free puzzle and No WIFI Need!
★ Make your highest scores.
★ Can be played offline.
★ Block Candy Puzzle Classic Candy Block Puzzle Tetra Candy 3d look.
★ Enjoy this arcade candy game tetra brick classic – brick game block candy puzzle app.
– Classic mode brick game without time limits.
– Experiment mode you have only 1.30 minutes to do.
– Place the bricks in a reasonable position.
– The more brick break, the more scores you have.
– Bricks can’t be rotated.
One of the most highlight of this online Tetra Candy 2021 BLOCK PUZZLE Game – block mania is 3d design and color. More over, it has different Block Puzzle Candy for 2021.
Enjoy this Tetra Candy Puzzle Game : Block Puzzle Brick Arcade App in the classic tetra candy puzzle 2021!

Download XAPK(4.4MB)

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