Orboot Dinos AR by PlayShifu v25 APK for Android download

Bring alive more than 50 dinos with Orboot World of Dinosaurs!
Interact, visualize, and learn all about them – how to pronounce their names, how big they were, which period did they live in, what does their name mean.
Play adventurous time-travel games with Jay & Mae. Put on your thinking caps, interact with dinos in the jungles, and save the day!
Go on a dinosaur hunt around the globe and explore 400 incredible facts!
*Requires the Orboot Dinos globe that can be found at www.playshifu.com*
Shifu Orboot platform now has 2 globes!
1. Orboot Earth globe (wildlife, cultures, landmarks, maps of today’s world), bestseller since 2018
2. Orboot Dinos globe (prehistoric landmasses with dinosaurs)
About PlayShifu
PlayShifu was founded by two dads who turned into toymakers to make learning fun for kids. With the vision to help build 20 essential skills in early childhood and make screen time meaningful with physical play, PlayShifu is changing the world one toy at a time.

Download XAPK(905.8MB)

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