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Train on 7,000+ free softball “situations”, by position. And if your coach subscribes, he/she can deliver their custom content… also within your app Game play!

BASIQs Softball is a first-of-its-kind app … with the sole purpose being to help you develop your “game IQ.” You do so via the thousands of animated situations and other questions we have created within the app Game Play … and you can also connect directly with your real Coaches, who can deliver specific training, scouting and situational content directly to you via the app Game Play.

Key Features include:

•Play hundreds of Games created by the experts at BASIQs Softball
•Connect directly with your real-world Coaches and play unlimited Games created by them
•Games may contain animated situations, multiple choice & true-false questions and facts
•Compete with Teammates on the BASIQs Softball Leaderboard
•Challenge Teammates to play Games you have played
•Invite a Coach to checkout BASIQs Softball

Coaches wishing to connect with their Players can signup at

Get all of your questions answered at [email protected]

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